Friday, May 29, 2009

2silos meat csa is underway, and yes, i do have some openings!

the 2silos summer meat csa is now underway. most shareholders picked up their shares this past weekend. we included a few cuts of beef, sausage or bacon, pork chops, a fryer chicken and a dozen eggs. i had forgotten the "extras" last week, so shareholders can pick up their extra package this week at the clintonville farmer's market.

if you are just now learning about our summer meat csa and are interested in joining, i do have a few openings available. please contact me via email for flyers and other information. i can get you quality locally raised meats the saturday following your sign up day.

see everyone at market tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

strawberries and spinach

last night i made a very tasty strawberry spinach salad. i had never made a strawberry spinach salad before. i found a recipe on it looked great, the dark green of the spinach against the red of the strawberries. the best part is that the strawberries and the spinach were grown here on my farm. yum yum

Thursday, May 14, 2009

summer meat csa..yes, i do have a few more openings...

if you are considering a membership in our summer meat csa, the deadline is fast approaching. deadline for sign-up is may 20. if we have not received your check by then, you can sign up for our winter meat csa running november through april, 2010.

the hogs and the first of the chickens are ready to go. the beef is at the processor's and will be ready to put into your first shares on may 23.

yay meat!
i have gotten a few inquires about late registration...yes, i do have some openings, so if you are just learning about us and interested in becoming a member in our summer meat csa, contact me asap and i can save a spot for you.
eggs4u @

Monday, May 11, 2009

our newest arrival, may

meet the newest arrival at 2silos, little miss may. she was born at 1 am on may 11. she's a big girl, so i don't think my ewe tori will have another, but i'll be back to the barn a little later to find out. late night lambing is so fun...

Friday, May 8, 2009

still openings in our 2silos meat csa

we still have openings in our summer meat csa! this csa runs may through october. we have openings for about 10 more shareholders. get 10-30 lbs of fresh locally raised meats each month including grass-fed beef, chemical-free pork, pasture raised chickens and eggs, tasty pasture raised lamb and rabbit. pick up starts may 23. email for a brochure and faq.

check out this recent article on our meat csa on the union of concerned scientists website.

happy gardening to all!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Duck eggs

I have oodles of duck eggs in stock. These make a tasty alternative to regular chicken eggs, plus people who are allergic to chicken eggs can often times eat duck eggs with no problem.

Cost is $4 dozen. If you can buy 10 or more dozen, I can cut you a better deal.

Drop me a line to place an order or for more info.