Saturday, February 20, 2010

waiting for the pick up

i'm over at eco-tastic in ua waiting for csa pick ups. today is nice outside, spring is trying to do something out there. i bet when the snow melts off, i i will see that crocuses are emerging underneath.

tom's got some great deals over here at eco-tastic. right now he's offering 30% off hand knit sweaters, hats and scarfs. if you haven't been into tom's store here in old arlington, come on down. eco-tastic carries 100% organic cotton and bamboo clothing. my family loves the bamboo socks most of all. they make great gifts at $5 a pair. check them out online at
gps it at 2066 arlington ave.

had some discussion this morning on rabbit. i am going to gather some more rabbit recipes from friends and family and will post them soon.

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Laura said...

Please no rabbits...

I keep pet rabbits and can't imagine this. Don't we have enough protein sources in the US? Our protein intake is overall outsized, and we can easily leave this helpless animal to itself. Even if it means easy money for the farmer. (By the way, I buy your eggs at Weilands and I've missed them lately).

Please consider...