Monday, September 8, 2008

and the canning season continues

i have pear sauce in the canner right now. it smells and tastes so yummy. that's something i don't see in the grocery stores. ah, the benefits of canning your own food.

our pears are doing very well this year. very few bug holes or bad looking pears considering we do nothing to those trees but pick their fruit. we will offer some pears in this week's csa shares. i made pear butter last week. i've always liked pears, i just don't think about eating them very often. i bought a jar of pear butter a few years ago because it sounded interesting. it sat in the cupboard for a few months until one evening when i wanted toast with a jam. i found the pear butter and spread it on. after i gobbled up the two pieces of toast, i returned to the kitchen, grabbed a spoon and the pear butter, and polished off the entire contents of the jar. it was sooo good! my first attempt at pear butter this year turned out good. not the "fantastic" that i tasted in that purchased jar, but definately edible! i'll be tweaking the recipe a bit and let you know how it goes.

this week i'm making pear sauce and canning tomatoes. to make pear sauce you follow the same steps as you would to make apple sauce. the pears are sweet enough that i don't need to add sugar.

Just took the pear sauce out of the canner. time to go hang out the laundry.

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Susy said...

I made pear butter this year too! I made Gingerbread pear butter, I added some molasses & ginger & a little cinnamon, along with some maple syrup to sweeten - YUM. Looking forward to freshly baked bread & pear butter all winter. Apple butter's up next.

You should also try drying them. We cut them in half, scoop out the core and halve again. Then put on trays in the oven overnight on 170 - YUM YUM YUM. Pearsins we call them, they're so sweet & yummy, can't wait to have them in oat groats this winter.