Thursday, October 23, 2008

get ready for the MMMEEEAAATTTT!!!

yes, it's almost time to start our winter meat csa. we are very excited about it. the first beef and the chickens are in the freezers. man do they look great! two hogs go in for processing Monday morning. the first two lambs go in mid-November. i'll be both sad and happy to see the lambs and the pigs go. the lambs are cute and fuzzy. but they are starting to be obnious. the pigs have been obnioius for 2 months now, but lulu the lipstick pig has been my friend. shep our sheep dog loves the pigs. actually he's now a pig dog. he accidentally got himself locked up in the pig pen the other night for about 6 hours. he wasn't any worse for the wear and i bet he really didn't mind.

although i have butched lambs before, i'm glad we aren't doing large animal butchering at this time. the hardest part is loading the animals and getting them to the processor. our primary processor is in cardington, just 5 miles away. it's nice and easy with the lambs.

i made more noodles today for saturday's share drop. hope you enjoy!

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