Tuesday, October 21, 2008

still canning...

i'm still busy canning and putting up food for the winter. yes, i'm a squirrel. over the past few weeks i canned up tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, beef soup stock, chickens and chicken stock. i made noodles yesterday. i took some frozen spinach from our garden, pureed it and made spinach noodles, along with thick egg noodles and tomato noodles too. i've still got sweet potatoes to can. moles have taken bites out of several sweet potatoes, and i hate feeding them to the pigs, so i'm cutting out the bad spots and canning the rest for us. farming organic can be troublesome at times.

the frost sunday morning took all the rest of our fair weather crops. we still have some lettuces and spinach left in the garden. now the chickens and pigs get all the frosted left overs. they just love the produce! just because there was a frost doesn't mean we are done with the gardens. we need to plant a cover crop on the garden, this year it's ryegrass. cameron is planting garlic this week. we are adding a soft neck garlic this fall for harvest next year. i love those garlic braids and want to do some up for our csa.

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Susy said...

I'm working on applesauce. The local orchard has windfallen apples for $2 a bushel if you pick them up yourself. I picked a bushel of the most beautiful apples today. So I'll have a on ton of applesauce for Mr Chiot's to eat this winter.