Wednesday, June 17, 2009

high season

soon we will be in what i call "high season". this is the time of year that most produce comes ready. this is also the time of year that i turn off the lights in the barn and operate on natural daylight only. usually the barn lights are on a timer to stretch the amount of daylight so my hens lay well during the fall and winter. now i can save some $$ while operating under natural light.

the garden is coming along very well. the only veggie not doing so good is my eggplants. for some reason, i'm having some difficulty with growing them, both last year and this year. i have realized that i can't do everything right and research is a valuable thing. ;-)

my replacement chicks are growing nicely. i'm looking forward to the time i cull the old hens and place the new ones in the main layer house. i ordered lots more ameraucana hens for this coming season, so i hope to offer more green and blue shelled eggs in the regular dozens i sell.

farmer's market is going well. we will be starting another farmer's market july 8th in upper arlington, columbus. tom and tristam will be working my market booth at this farmer's market. they are fantastic people and you will enjoy them at our market stand.

that's it for now....well, i don't like pigs this week. this can happen when you trip and fall in their pen with their slop bucket in hand. they run you over.


Anonymous said...

Will you be selling your "old" hens. I still have some of the hens I got from you the last time you replaced your flock. And for the most part they're still laying...the Delaware hen in particular is a champion layer!! So, let me know when and if you think you'll be selling hens. Thanks.


denise beno anderson said...

I will not have any old hens for sale this year. They are all going in the stew pot. I will have some young pullets to sell come September. The hatchery sent me too many and I will need to sell some. Give me a call in late August to reserve young pullets if you are interested.