Friday, August 14, 2009

so busy

wow, have we been busy here on the farm! everything is coming ready in the gardens, meat chickens are coming off for the meat csa, i've got rabbits to butcher, food to preserve and a winter meat csa to promote. did anyone get to experience july? i think i missed it....

we are now accepting memberships for the winter meat csa. cost is $499 for a half share (most popular). we are adding additional eggs to all share sizes this winter. the price has gone up a bit over the summer csa price. i am offering a 10% discount for returning members and anyone else who sees this blog post. the winter meat csa starts in november and runs through april. i'm offering bonus goodies to members for new member referals!

it's time to say good-bye to the old hens. they will meet their maker on sept. 2. the new flock will take up residence in early october and i anticipate the young ones to be in full production by the middle of november. i will be canning up the old hens during the month of september, along with tomatoes and other garden goodies. if anyone is interested in learning to can meats, please let me know.

on another note, a herd share program is being organized by one of our shareholders. this herd share is for organic milk only, no butter or cream. milk is being supplied by one of 2silos beef farmers. i've been drinking this milk for about two years now and LOVE IT! email me for more info.

have a great weekend!

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