Saturday, September 26, 2009

details, details...

there is a lot of interest in our winter meat csa promotion through "the point". unfortunately, "the point" does not allow me to upload files or ramble on and on about our products. so i'm going to attempt to answer some of the most pressing questions here.

one 10 lb share will feed two people about 18 meals. pick up is once a month. we are hoping to have a booth at the worthington winter farmer's market the 1st and 3rd saturday of each month. if you are unable to pick up there, or if we are not permitted to vend, then pick up will be at two of our shareholders homes--upper arlington and clintonville.

all meats are locally raised. 2silos raises the lamb, meat chickens, laying hens, goose and pigs. two amish farmer's provide us grass-fed, organically raised beef. rabbit, goat and turkey come from other small local farms. most animals are pasture raised--the pigs and rabbits are not. the pigs are raised in a traditional "pig pen" and the rabbits in hutches.

our $99 off promo is on half shares. if you want a full share at this price, we suggest signing up for two half shares and we will treat it as a full share at this end.

there is a 10 hour work requirement, which i did not make clear with "the point" promotion. this is very easily fulfilled at our farm in one day with a friend or at our market booth over the season.

meats are processed at local ODA or USDA inspected facilities. the bacon is organically cured. most meats are vacuum sealed.

since you are essentially purchasing live animals, you are entitled to whatever that animal produces. therefore, you will get "extras" with you shares such as organ meats, soup bones, dog bones, lard, etc.

if you send me an email, i am happy to send you a flier and faq.

thanks for your interest and support! i'm thrilled to see all the folks interested in knowing where their food comes from!


Amber said...

Thanks for some more details, Denise! What kind of work could we help out with on the farm?

denise beno said...

Work at the farm is seasonal. Right now we are getting new pens built, animals moved around, gardens cleaned out, garlic planted and general winterizing. Contact Kerri to schedule a work day.