Friday, October 2, 2009

$99 disount off half share extended!

our online promotion through "the point" did not succeed in meeting the minimum 25 half share requirement. if you signed up for a 2silos half meat share through "the point", you can still participate in the csa and save $99 by paying with a credit card through paypal. click on the "buy now" button at the bottom of this post to join our csa.

good news! we are extending our $99 discount on half shares through october 10 as our way of celebrating "local foods week", oct. 3-10. tell your friends! hurry, i have to close the $99 off deal on october 10.

i scheduled three beef for processing this week. shareholders have enjoyed our holstein, jersey and piedmontese beef in seasons past. for the first time ever, february and march shares will feature certified organic, grass-fed black angus beef. yummy! i can't wait! there are more og black angus steers available, and i don't want us to miss out. sign up today so i can secure more delicious meat candy!

if you just found out about our meat csa and need more information, please email us right away for a flier and faq.

if you are ready to sign up, click on the button below to buy a half share in the 2silos winter meat csa.

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