Monday, August 31, 2009

turning of the wheel of the year

it was chilly last night and the night before. down to 45 in these parts overnight. i was not quite ready for this cold right now. kinda thought it might be a few weeks away yet. the wooly worms are heavy in black fuzz with narrow orange bands, a folklore indication of a harsh winter. glad i've been stockpiling wood already.

i am looking forward to the frost. i'm so done with the gardens. hate them this year since cameron left. i've decided not to grow for a vegetable csa in the future. i will be changing the gardens into "patches" for garlic and stawberries. i will only have a small garden next year for personal use.

i do love the meat csa. i enjoy raising the animals. so i am focusing on growing this aspect of the farm operation. i am now accepting memberships in the 2silos winter meat csa. receive $49 off if you sign up by october 1. email me for a flyer.

remember to get outside and enjoy the season changes september brings!

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