Wednesday, September 9, 2009

new beginnings

lots of fresh new things happening here at 2silos. kerri aronoff, my cousin, has come to live here at the farm. we needed her! kerri will be helping here at the farm and with admin and marketing of 2silos products. we will be at the clintonville farmer's market this saturday from 9-12 noon. stop by our farmer's market booth and say hi!

the noodles and granola are selling well at market. look for new flavors of granola coming this month. we will also be offering spinach and tomato noodles later this month.

the csa's are going well. we picked up a beef this past week and have been enjoying tasty pepperoni and bologna. loo9k for these value added items in meat shares this september and october. the veggie csa's are now featuring winter squash and other fall favorites.

sign up is now underway for the winter meat csa. we are adding extra eggs to this winter csa and have made room for additional memberships. please email us for a flyer and faq.

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